Sweet Lady

Sep 12, 2014 by Anonymous
City:: Vancouver 

Shantel is a beautiful girl. I enjoyed the company of this natural beauty who was very generous with her time. Sorry for the delay with locating an ATM.

Shantel - amazing body!

Jul 18, 2014 by Anonymous
City:: Richmond 

Shantel is exactly as described with lighter hair than shown in her photos. She's a young college girl with a perfectly tight slim body. I think its good genes-she told me she doesn't work out. Natural beauty! will call again

meet you

Jul 11, 2014 by Anonymous
City:: Vancover 

hi i see you you verey nice
id like to meet you
thanke you ... and welcome back

5.0 5.0 1 1 Natalie was fantastic! Her photos don’t do her justice. She resembles a Victoria secret model with a smoking hot body, and perky D breasts. I was hesitant to book her as her

Brittany – Beautiful Blond Cover Girl Escort
Great Experience
I had the privilege of spending some time with Brittany on Friday. I want to share with you my experience due to the extraordinary quality of my encounter with her. At first read this may sound like a “shill” but those who have had the privilege to spend some time with her will understand exactly what I mean. I will start with the obvious in that she is a stunningly, drop-dead gorgeous beauty. The pictures on her profile do not do her justice. Her perfect body and soft, smooth skin are complimented by her angelic face. Her long soft hair, beautiful eyes, soft lips, etc…, etc…, etc… are every (straight) man’s dream. Once you get beyond her amazing physical gifts you quickly realize she is a fabulous conversationalist that places you immediately at ease the moment she walks into the room. Her pleasant demeanor is complimented by her refreshing intellect which allows her to maintain interesting and varied conversation. From a more personal perspective, Brittany has amazingly soft, smooth skin that just begs to be caressed. She is passionate and enjoys what she does. Her skills are exceptional and there is no way I can possibly say enough about how she made me feel. Like a king? No, not even close…. Kings would beg to feel as good as I did that day. I highly recommend booking multiple hours to fully appreciate your time with Brittany. I would most definitely like to spend more time with her on my next visit to the Vancouver area. The first phone call I make when I get off the plane next time will be to book more time with her. Thank you Brittany! You are a truly amazing woman. I will forever remember the time we spent together. Thank you Cover Girl Escorts on an amazing find. Hold on to this gem; she is a keeper. Warm Hugs, Dalmation Guy
Recommend: Yes
City : Fraser Valley

Carmen – Beautiful Bi-Sexual Escort
Very pleased with Carmen
Carmen arrived to my hotel dressed casual as requested. She is a natural beauty, with beautiful soft white skin. I enjoyed her visit and would recommend her.
Recommend: Yes
City: Vancouver BC

Julia – Sexy Model Brunette
What a Beauty!
Amazing lady! Julia is a true companion; she enjoys every aspect of her job. xoxo Until we meet again…
Recommend: Yes
City: Richmond

Some escorts are stunningly attractive, some perform with enthusiasm and deftly weave a dreamlike experience, but Jackie is a lady beautiful all ways … from a half-world away the experience remains palpable, plush and poignant. I have rarely come back to the same such partner twice. I am earnestly hoping that circumstances will permit a third time. It was the experience as it is meant to be.
Display: Wonderlust
Recommend: Highly
City: Edmonton

Dear Cover Girl Escorts I was wonderfully surprised by the competence, helpfulness, and friendly manner of your client coordinator, Jennifer, when I was in Vancouver recently. I would like to thank her for the level of excellence she works at. She was wonderful – I know which agency I will call when I am in Vancouver next, if only to have her answering, and connecting me with one of your fine escorts! Thank you, Jennifer, for making the connection so pleasantly and cheerfully. I greatly appreciated your honest and helpful advice as well. You were marvellous. Of the girls I met, I would like to especially mention two. I so enjoyed Katie. She was amazing – a very beautiful girl who can connect with you in such a direct, open, and honest manner. I found her cheerful company so inspiring. I also enjoyed meeting Kerri – she is on your Vancouver escort gallery as well. I was so inspired by her, that I wrote her a poem. I have sent it to the address indicated. Could you please see that she is made aware of its arrival, and see that she receives it? I would be so grateful if you could do that. I have never experienced an agency that delivers such a high level of service, and I would love to experience the different girls that are engaged in your enterprise all over again. Anyone that has a heart to truly appreciate girls, can only feel grateful amazement in relating to them. Thank you again – David Emailed to office.

Heard of a new rookie at Vancouver CoverGirls escort and made the call. Mya came sauntering through my doorway on time and so delicately beautiful. ‘Twas a sight for my sore eyes. She stood about 5’3″ I’d guess, with long, long and lustrous black hair. Dressed stylishly (non sluttish which is my preference), she looked to be a perfect candidate to break my long dry spell. Mya lost elevation as she removed her “fuck-me sliletto-heeled boots” but I just lowered my sights. Shared the standard glass of wine (champagne this time) and off we went down the hall to the…. more for registered users


I was visiting Vancouver for the weekend and stayed at the Hyatt Hotel. Because of past experiences with escort delivery to the hotels I was a bit wary. Looking for Escorts in the yellow pages could be a gamble if you are not dealing with a reputable firm. With engines ready to roar I didn’t have a lot of time to make my choice. So I called Covergirls with a nice advt.  The lady on the phone said “One of their top girls was available, a hot brunette companion, who she was described as a Cover Girl favorite.” Her name was Bella on the site and when she showed up she was stunning, wearing g a tight black dress revealing an amazing bust line. I was told she could arrive in 20 minutes, and this gave me just enough time to head down to the ATM and take out the $$$ as quoted. I received the call she had arrived. When the elevator door opened I was in awe as this beautiful lady stood in front of me with a black coat undone revealing ample cleavage and a small frame… WOW …I was Impressed! Finally, I get to meet a hot Vancouver escort who is worth spending money on. I must say she was also attracted to me and she gave me a preview of what was to come in the elevator on the way up to the room. I couldn’t wait to get her back to my room so I could watch her undress… This girl is very sensual and she enjoyed it. The experience that we shared was very enjoyable. When I do visit again I will call back and hope that I will be delighted with yet another beauty such as Bella.

This Female Escort is one of Vancouver’s finest companions. Her photographs on CoverGirl’s website have intrigued me since they appeared early this year. My pooning has been somewhat restricted these past few months for reasons that will remain unexplained. With CG’s younger and attractive hardbodied providers usually being my preference, the seed had been planted to maybe go with a little more maturity. Taylor is listed on the website at 27 (I think) so I automatically added several years. I was correct as I’d figure her to be 33-35, after she arrived. Having made the call, I proceeded to put myself through the pre-session sheepdip process. With body hair clipped appropriately and the old bod polished up I opened up the usual bottle of Syrah to breathe. All I needed was a body to get started on. On time, a tall, long-legged long-haired blonde sauntered through my front door. Just like the website photographs. Donation of $$$ was taken care of and the Syrah was sampled. Didn’t make the usual 10 minute “getting to know you a little bit” as the demon was raging in my……more for registered users

I phoned covergirls my favorite agency and the phone girl told me about this young provider who had only just started working in the industry. An outcall was arranged and this beautiful, petite and long-haired brunette (standing 5’5” tall and weighing 100 lbs. only if dripping wet) arrived on my doorstep and rang my door bell. Small breasted at 32 B cup (I’d guess) ….more for registered users

PERB Reviewer
I’m still hopping down the CoverGirls bunny trail these days! First saw Tammy in mid November last year and, since that first encounter, two more times since. (That takes care of the repeat thing.) Last time was last Friday evening. Made the call and this tall, slinky and ever-so-beautiful long-haired blonde re-appeared on my doorstep, punctually as arranged. Smiles like a Mexican sunrise and is ever so tall. Smile reminds me a little of Claudia Schiffer, the European model, and Bridget Bardot from way back when. (Old farts on PERB will recall the latter who was France’s reigning sexpot for eons.) Tammy has legs to die for. Probably with her trendy pointy-toed high-heeled boots, she is almost up to my 6’ 4” height. Boots off, probably 5’ 10”, 115 lbs., slim with beautiful natural 34’s probably B cup (my preference as large enhanced boobs just is not my bag). Very early twenties in age. First time we trysted, she was still suffering the aftermath from wisdom tooth extraction. That initial session didn’t suffer due to her discomfort and our time together since has been way above average….more for registered users

An initial review by another Perb reviewer  triggered my interest, when he briefly but positively mentioned “Carly”. It could hardly qualify as a review, but my interest was piqued. Had her visit Saturday night at start of her shift. Very tall at 5’9″ with verrry long luxuriant brunette hair and legs. Great body, probably 20 years old. (Nice break from the endless blondes, not that I’m complaining.) Natural 34C’s I’d guess with a non-spinner body but most definitely not too meaty for my taste. Not every provider has the genes of CG’s Amanda and Sweeet Stacy when they were with CG. Carly was very open minded and she genuinely loves s…more please register

Having been down to the Land of Oz since the beginning of February, the arduous return flight to Vancouver early this week left this old puppy exhausted. Figured I needed a natural sedative to settle me down, particularly as I hadn’t been in the saddle since the end of January when I saw BREE (another CG newbie) and I was raring to go. Made the call and another newbie at CoverGirls was suggested. Rachel by name, standing close to six feet I’d guess. Arriving punctually, this tall, slinky and beautiful long-haired blonde appeared on my doorstep. A real hardbody, Rachel was just what I needed to put me to sleep, but only after the deed was done. Beautiful smile with legs that seemed to go on forever. Guessing 115 lbs., with beautiful natural 32’s, probably C cup. Pierced navel and clit completed the armour. Very early twenties in age. Poured a tequila and OJ for each of us and spent 10 minutes getting acquainted before waddling down the hallway to the workshop…more please register

 Mikayla I knew we were going to get along famously. She’s in her early twenties stands about 5’ tall and weighs around 100lbs it’s immediately obvious that she has the look, the poise, the confidence and the style. Covergirls really hit a homerun with this girl she is young, fresh, clean and very, very sexy, with shoulder length sandy blonde hair and a cute little upturned nose I could imagine her as a ski or beach bunny. We talk and enjoy a drink together and I become even more impressed she is a great conversationalist as well as a good looker, we spend several minutes talking and getting to know how each other thinks. She is animated and has lots to say about a variety of subjects, we bantered back and forth for a while. This social time helps me to loosen up a bit because quite frankly this girl is so cute that she makes me a little nervous, now I feel better so we head to… more please register

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Natalie- A beautiful lady offering a memorable service

Sep 06, 2013 by Anonymous
City:: Vancouver 

Natalie was fantastic! Her photos don’t do her justice. She resembles a Victoria secret model with a smoking hot body, and perky D breasts.

I was hesitant to book her as her photos were rather boring. However, after being persuaded by cover girls receptionist Jodi, I took a chance and had Natalie visit my room. Thanks for the fantastic recommendation and delivering above expectations. She was gorgeous and made it to my room in 20 minutes.

I look forward to my next Vancouver trip.

5.0 5.0 1 1 Natalie was fantastic! Her photos don’t do her justice. She resembles a Victoria secret model with a smoking hot body, and perky D breasts.I was hesitant to book her as her General Review.

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